What is cPanel

cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel, providing a graphical user interface packed with lots of features that automate the process of hosting a website, managing the server backend. This premium software comes when you host with us, it is relatively easy to use and configure, automatically adjusting to whichever setting for web hosting and with all these in built features, users rarely need to use command line, with basic functionalities like database handling, executing cron jobs, antivirus management, etc.

cPanel is utilised by mainly three types of users:

System Administrator

Normally referred to as the root, this user profile has all administrative privileges, allowing one all the access and authority in the server; one can create, modify, delete any account in the cPanel, among other things.

Reseller Account

A user profile created by the Admin, to have a set of permissions (limited), with the ability to create new accounts, but not being able to view other accounts at the same level.

User Account

This is a normal user account, only having access to the domains they host according to the hosting plan subscribed to.

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